Sunday School: Lesson 2

(Audio Only) Total Time: 25m 44s

Please read the different passages before listening to that part of the lesson. Click on (listen) to go to the video that has the audio lesson. You can skip to different parts of the lesson by using the "chapters" menu on the video.

- Landy

QUIZ for Lesson 1:

  1. Why was Jesus being presented at the temple? What two people saw him and his parents there?

  2. What was 12 year old Jesus doing at the temple?

  3. According to John, what happens when light meets darkness?

  4. Who did Israel believe John the Baptist was and how did John the Baptist respond?

  5. Recite John 1:12

Audio Lesson: (listen)

Part 1: "The Baptism of


Length - 4m 30s

Passage - Matthew 3:13-17

Part 2: "Jesus Tested in the Wilderness"

Length - 5m 46s

Passage - Matthew 4:1-11

Memory Verse

Length - 50s

James 4:7 - Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Amen

Part 3: "Jesus Begins to Preach"

Length - 6m 40s

Passage - Matthew 4:12-17; Luke 4:14-28

Part 4: "Jesus Calls His First Disciples"

Length - 7m 51s

Passage - John 1:35-42; Matthew 4:18-22; John 1:43-51

Please leave any questions or comments below or contact me directly. Expect a quiz next week!

- Landy

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