The Kingdom of God (English & Kreyol)

March 13, 2017

(Kreyol la pi ba)

Original Message date: 3/5/17



- It is not when you die that you will begin to live in the kingdom of God

- The moment you meet Jesus, you being to live in His kingdom

- Keep your eyes on things above





1. The People of the Kingdom

   - The kingdom of God is a place for people with justice, peace and joy

   - Those of us who are in God's church should know that we are living in

        God's kingdom

   - Do we feel like we are part of God's kingdom already?

   - In order to enter God's kingdom, we must repent and receive the Holy         Spirit

   - Justice, peace and joy are things that distinguish the kingdom of God           from the kingdoms of this earth

2. Justice

   - The church of Jesus is supposed to have people who are just, because         only just people can practice justice (Psalm 45:7)

   - Injustice = people doing wrong to others; this should not exist among           the people of God

   - Jesus' very nature is justice, so those of us who follow Jezu should                 practice justice

   - Jesus' justice caused him to come down from heaven and save us

   - When you remove yourself from the midst of your brother and sisters           and remove yourself from the kingdom of God

   - Our yes, should mean yes. Our no, should mean no, because we                        practice justice

   - Practicing justice causes us to be attached to the truth

   - Where there are lies, favoritism, or hypocrisy, there cannot be justice

   - God's Justice: Psalm 9:8, Psalm 31:2

   - Those who are God's children always look for the best for everyone

   - Justice is when you put God's word into action to become closer to               him

   - Jesus wanted us to be just so He told us to condemn sin from the                   moment it shows up as a thought in our minds, We should be able to         judge ourselves (Matthew 5:28-30)

3. Peace

   - John 14:27

   - This peace causes us to realize that we have a true relationship with            Christ

   - The law causes us to lose our peace the moment we sin, but under               grace when you do something wrong you have a chance to receive             peace if you recognize and confess your sin

   - This world and money can't  bring peace; only Christ can bring true              peace

   - If Jesus' peace is in us, it will manifest as our love for one another and          how we help one another

   - God's peace guarantees unity

4. Joy

   - John 16:22: Jesus told his disciples that he was going to die, but he                 comforted them

   - Romans 12:12: Why shouldn't you be joyful when you have Christ?

   - Jesus is coming back, we should already start living in God's kingdom         right now



Don't let anything take justice, peace and joy away from you, because those are the things that make you are part of God's kingdom



Dat Messaj sa: 3/5/17



- Se pa le ou mouri ou pral konmanse viv nan wayom Bondye-a

- Depi ou rankontre Jezu, ou gen tan ap viv nan wayom syel la

- Kite zye ou fikse anwo



Rom 14:17-18


1. Nou ki nan wayom la

   - Wayom Bondye a se jistis, lape, e lajwa

   - Nou ki reyini nan legliz, nou dwe konnen ke se nan wayom Bondye nou          ye

   - Eske nou santi ke nou fe pati wayom Bondye-a deja?

   - Pou antre nan wayom Bondye fo-k nou repanti, e nou dwe resevwa                 Sintespri Bondye ki fe nou sanble ak Jezu

   - Jistis, lape, ak lajwa se bagay ki distinge wayom Bondye-a ak wayom          te sa


   - Legliz Jezu Kris la dwe gen jistis paske se selman moun jis ki ka fe                 jistis (Som 45:7)

   - Linjistis = Mechanste; sa pa dwe egziste nan mitan pitit Bondye ni nan           asemble Bondye

   - Si tout nati Jezu se jistis se pou nou ki resevwa Jezu gen jistis

   - Jistis Jezu fe li dsann vin ban nou yon jan pou nou sove

   - Le ou retire tet ou nan mitan fre ak se ou, ou retire tet ou nan wayom

        syel la

   - Wi nou se wi. Non nou se non. Fo-k nou pratike jistis

   - Jistis nou fe nou toujou attache avek verite

   - Se gen manti, patipri, ak ipokrisi, pa gen jistis

   - Jistis Bondye: Som 9:8; Som 31:2

   - Pitit Bondye toujou cheche sa ki bon pou tout moun, pa selman sa ki             bon pou yo

   - Jistis se le ou mete pawol Bondye an aplikasyhon pou ou vin pi pre               Bondye

   - Jezu telman bezwen nou jis, li fe nou kondane peche-a depi nan pnase         nou pou nou pa fe aksyon an. Fo-k nou ka jije tet nou (Matye 5:28-30)


    - Jan 14:27

    - Lape sa fe nou rekonet relasyon nou gen avek Jezu

    - Anba la lwa depi ou fe yon bagay mal, lape ou koupe, men anba la                  gras, le ou fe yon bagay ki mal, Bondye ba ou yon chans pou ou                    repanti pou-w ka jwen lape

   - Lajan pa bay lape, se sel nan Jezu ou ka jwen sa

   - Si la pe Jezu nan mitan nou, fo-k nou renmen youn lot e ede youn lot

   - Lape Bondye a garanti linite

4. Lajwa

   - Jan 16:22: Jezu te di li ta pral mouri, men li te rekonfote disip li yo

   - Rom 12:12: Poukisa ou pa gen jwa si Jezu ak ou?

   - Jezu ap vin cheche nou, konmanse viv nan wayom Bondye kounye-a!



Pa kite anyen sou te sa retire jistis, lape ak lajwa lakay ou. Se sa ki fe nou pati wayom Bondye-a


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