SUBMIT TO GOD (English & Kreyol)

(Kreyol la pi ba)

Original Message date: 1/29/17

TEXT: Jeremiah 27-28

  • Submission: When you accept an authority and do what that authority demands

  • Every time you disobey someone, it is like you are telling that person that they have no authority over you

  • When you don’t submit to authority, there are consequences

  • In this present time, there are many people who refuse to submit to God or the people that God put in charge

  • We see that children don’t obey parents, wives don’t respect or obey husbands, and husbands disobey God

  • When you refuse to listen to those God puts in charge, it is the same as rebelling against God.

  • Jeremiah 27:1-15 God put king Nebuchadnezzar in charge and told all nations to submit to him. God can use anyone He wants.

  • There is a reason that God puts certain people in positions of authority. More often than not, they protect all those under their authority

  • Jeremiah 27:8 God told Israel that if they did not submit to Nebuchadnezzar, bad things would happen

  • Jeremiah 27:9-10 People always like to hear what they want to hear, that is why God warned the people not to listen to false prophets telling them not to give up to Nebuchadnezzar

  • When we disobey someone in authority, like our parents or the police, we will suffer the consequences and our lives will be shorter

  • Christians can not live in disobedience

  • Jeremiah 28 Hananiah, another prophet, spoke against the message that God gave Jeremiah. He told the people of Israel that they should not submit to Nebuchadnezzar. This is what the people wanted to hear, so they believed him. Hananiah was punished because he rebelled against God’s word

  • If you want to live well and get to heaven, you must submit to His word

  • Daniel 4 We see that God spoke to Nebuchadnezzar in a vision and Daniel was the only one to explain it to him.

  • God wanted Nebuchadnezzar to submit to Him.

  • Nebuchadnezzar refused to submit and God put him down. God caused him to live among animals eating grass. God will not let anyone mess with Him.

  • Nebuchadnezzar eventually realized that God is the true god and God restored him


  • God loves us, but we have to submit to Him

  • Respect those that God puts in charge of us

  • When we do everything that God asks, we will receive many blessings


TEXT: Jeremi 27-28

  • Sumisyon: Le ou aksepte yon otorite e fe sa otorite sa mande ou

  • Chak fwa ou dezobeyi yon moun, se tankou-w di moun sa ke li pa gen otorite sou ou.

  • Le ou pa soumet anba yon otorite, gen yon konsekans pou sa

  • Nan tan nap viv la, anpil moun pa soumet devan Bondye, ni devan moun Bondye mete an chaj yo

  • Nan tan sa, nou we pitit pa obeyi ak paran yo, madanm pa obeyi ak mari, e mari pa obeyi ak Bondye.

  • Si ou leve kont yon moun Bondye mete an chaj, se kont Bondye ou leve.

  • Jeremi 27:1-15 Bondye mete Nebikadneza an chaj e Li di pou tout moun soumet anba wa sa. Bondye ka itilize ninpot moun li vle

  • Gen yon rezon ki fe Bondye bay kek pami nou otorite. Le nou gade, se moun ki gen otorite a ki souvan ap pwoteje lot yo ki anba otorite li

  • Jeremi 27:8 Bondye di pep Izrayel ke si yo pa koube devan wa Nebikadneza, men sa kap rive yo

  • Jeremi 27:9-10 Lom toujou renmen tande sa kap fe ke yo plezi, se sak fe Bondye te aveti pep la pou yo pa tande fo pwofet kap vin di yo pou yo pa soumet anba Nebikadneza nan

  • Le nou dezobeyi yon moun ki gen otorite, tankou paran nou ou byen lapolis, nap peye konsekans lan e lavi nou ka vin pi kout

  • Kretyen paka viv nan dezobeyisans

  • Jeremi 28 Ananya, youn nan lot pwofet yo, te pale kont pawol Bondye te bay pwofet Jeremi. Li di pou Izrayel pa soumet anba Nebikadneza, e paske se sa pep la te vle tande, yo kwe fo pwofet la. Ananya te jwen pinisyon pa-l paske li te rebele kont pawol Bondye te bay Jeremi

  • Si ou vle viv byen e rive kote Bondye, fok ou soumet anba pawol Li.

  • Danyel 4 Nou we Bondye pale avek wa Nebikadneza nan yon vizyon. Danyel esplike rev la ba li.

  • Bondye te vle Nebikadneza soumet devan Li.

  • Nebikadneza pat soumet e Bondye te mete-l ate. Bondye fe-l al viv pami bet ap manje zeb. Bondye pa nan rans ak moun ki pa vle soumet devan Li.

  • Nebikadneza te vin rekonet ke se Bondye ki vre dye a e Bondye te remet li plas li.


  • Bondye renmen nou, men fo-k nou fe sa Li mande

  • Respekte moun Bondye met an chaj

  • Le nou fe tout sa Bondye mande, nap jwen benediksyon

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