Instructions from 1 Thessalonians

(Kreyol la pi ba)

Passage: 1 Thessalonians 5:12-15


- On a road, there are traffic signs that are there to whow drivers what the road is like up ahead. These signs enable a driver to know how to drive on that road.

- If the driver has an accident because he or she was careless on a road with caution signs, it is because the driver did not pay attention or ignored the instructions the signs gave.

- This is the same for Christians who are living according to God's words. When we don't follow God's instructions, we are certain to have some sort of accident.

1) 1 Thessalonians 5:12,13

-- When we neglect the people who are working with us, the people who are bringing us God's word, we make their work harder.

-- When we are considerate of them and the work they are doing, we let them see how their work is important to us.

-- As Christians, when we are considerate of them, we make their work easier. We help God's work in any way we can and we don't destroy it because we are negligent.

-- The way we speak to these spiritual workers can enourage or discourage them.

-- Those who want to save your soul are more important than those who give you money. They don't want you to go to hell and will do all they can to help you.

-- Hebrews 13:7,17: It is much easier for people to stay away from God's servants than to be close to them. But remember that it is better for you to stay among those who serve God so that you can imitate them. We all want to look like Jesus.

--If you find someone who always tells you the truth, stay near this person. If you stay close to someone who is lying to you, because soon they will lead you directly into trouble.

--1 Corinthians 9:7-12: The people who are serving the church, such as pastors, have the right to receive from the church and those he or she is serving in the church. We should be considerate of these workers because they count on us. We must give them out of what the church collects.

--Remember that we are one body and we must take care of each other. If one of us is walking around dirty, it is all of us who are walking around dirty.

2) 1 Thessalonians 5:14,15

-- We must let our borthers and sisters know when they are living in a way that God does not want.

-- When someone tells you the truth, it is because they love you and they want to see you make it to heaven.

-- There are times when one among us may be depressed, but they don't need money. A simple word of encouragement can do wonders for them. It is truly a great thing to have someone who encourages you.

-- When you see your brother or sister in a bad situation, don't pretend that you don't see them. Help them.

-- Don't pay back evil with evil. Live in peace with everyone.

-- If your enemies are hungry, feed them. This can help them change.

-- Leviticus 19:17,18: Love each other, because that is what God asks.

-- Always be willing to forgive.


-- Remember these instructions and put thme into practice. Do what God asks us to do and we will find that things will go more smoothly for us.

--Support your ministers, because they need your help.


Pasaj: 1 Tesalonik 5:12-15


- Nan yon wout, konn gen siy trafik ki montre chofe machin yo koman wout la ye devan yo. Siy sa yo la pou chofe-a ka konnen koman pou-l kondwi.

- Si yon chofe fe aksidan nan yon wout, e wout la gen siy ladan-l, se fot chofe-a paske li pa swiv enstriksyon siy trafik la.

- Se menm jan pou Kretyen kap viv dapre pawol Bondye. Le nou pa swiv enstriksyon Bondye ba nou yo, setenman gen aksidan kap fet nan lavi nou.

1) 1 Tesalonik 5:12,13

-- Le nou neglije moun kap travay nan mitan nou, moun kap ba nou levanjil, nou fe travay li vin pi difisil

-- Le ou gen konsiderasyon pou yon moun, ou fe moun sa we jan li enpotan pou nou

-- Kom kretyen, le ou gen konsiderasyon pou li, travay moun sa vin pi fasil. Ou ede travay la nan jan ou kapab. Ou pa kraze travay la ak neglijans ou.

-- Fason ou pale ak moun ki an chaj kote ou ye-a, ka ba li ankorajman ou byen dekouraje li.

-- Moun kap pran swen nanm ou, li pi enpotan ke moun kap ba ou lajan. Li pa vle pou ou al nan lanfe, e lap fe tout sa-l kapab pou-l ede-w

-- Ebre 13:7,17: Li pi fasil pou moun elwaye moun kap sevi Bondye. Pito ou ret pi pre moun kap sevi Bondye pou ou kapab imite yo. Nou vle sanble ak Jezu!

--Si ou jwen yon moun kap ba ou verite, rete pre moun sa. Men rete lwen sa years old kap ba-w manti, paske demain yo ka lage-w nan dife

--1 Korint 9:7-12: Sevite kap sevi legliz la gen dwa pou li jwen nan men moun lap sevi yo. Nou dwe pran moun kap sevi nou a an konsiderasyon paske se sou nou li konte. Nou dwe bay sevite-a nan sa nou ranmase nan legliz la.

--Sonje byen ke nou se yon sel, fok nou pran swen youn lot. Si nou youn ap mache sal, se nou tout kap mache sal

2) 1 Tesalonik 5:14,15

-- Nou dwe fe fre nou ak se nou konnen le yap viv yon jan ki pa bon

-- Le yon moun di-w verite-a, se renmen li renmen-w paske-l ta vle we ou al nan syel la

-- Gen de fwa le nou we youn ki deprime, li pa bezwen lajan, men yon sinp ti mo enkourajman ka fe anpil pou li. Se pi gwo bagay le ou jwen yon moun ba ou fos.

-- Le ou we yon fre ou se nan yon sitiyasyon, pa fe kom si ou pa we. Ede-l

-- Pa ran mal pou mal, viv an pe ak tout moun

-- Si enmi ou grangou, bal manje. Sa ka ede-l chanje

-- Levitik 19:17,18: Renmen youn lot, se sa Bondye mande nou

-- Toujou pret pou padone


--Sonje enstriksyon sa yo pou ou mete yo an pratik. Fe sa Bondye di nou fe, e nap we jan bagay yo ap mache byen pou nou.

--Sipote sevite kap travay nan legliz la, paske yo bezwen ed nou.

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