Giving (English & Kreyol)

(Kreyol la pi ba)


- God = Giving

- It is God's job as our Father to give. That is why Jesus tells us not to worry about what may happen tomorrow.

- God created all things and He gives all things everything they need. In return He asks for His creation to give him glory.

- It is our own fault if we are not blessed. We need to learn.


Acts 24:17, Hebrews 7:8, Revelations 21:26


1. Offering

- Giving an offering is not the same as paying tithes. They are very different.

- There are many types of offerings, especially in the Old Testament..

*Offering to Yaweh

*Offering to God during worship: these were animals who were sacrificed while Israel was worshipping God

*Burnt Offering : animals sacrificed for the forgiveness of sin

**(There are many other types not listed here)

- Isaiah 66:3 – Shows that these offerings all represented something that would be accomplished by Jesus.

- Everything that God wants you to do, He gives an example of how you should do it. We can't serve God any way that we want.

- Leviticus 8:31 – The priests were told to eat from the offerings that were brought to God

- If you are with God, you must do everything that He asks.

- Money Offering: Exodus 25:1-9 & Exodus 35:4,5,21 show how God's people were to collect offerings and what should be done with the offering. God didn't pour money from the heavens. He didn't tell Moses to go to a specific place to dig up money, God wanted His people to give Him from what He gave them.

- It is out of the money offering that we should find the funds to take care of God's church and do everything that needs to be done for the church building, church members, the community and those in need.

- God's work is suffering, where are we? Where our heart is, is where our riches should be. If our hearts are with Jesus, then our wealth should be invested in His work.

- There are some of us who believe that if we spend for Jesus, we won't have anything left. We keep forgetting that Jesus told us not to worry about tomorrow becuase He is our Father.

- Giving is not a choice, it is a Christian obligtation. We should not go outside to find the funds to do God's work. Christians should give to support God's work.

- If God's church is progressing that means that Satan is progressing.

- Romans 12:1: God asks us to offer ourselfs as a living sacrifice. He gives us our earthly bodies, but asks us to offer it in return. There are many things in this world that try to tell us what we should do with theses earthly bodies, but we should listen to the one who created us.

- Offerings are voluntary only in the sense that you can put any amount that you want.

- Acts 11:29-30

2. Collection

- This is everything that is collected together to produce an offering

- It can also be an offering that collected for a specific reason

3. Alms

- This can be found within the offering

- It is a part of the offering that is set aside for charity

4. Tithes

- Tithes and offerings are not the same thing

- You cannot give charity with your tithes

- Hebrews 7:8 – When you pay your tithes at your church, you declare that you are part of the living. You know what your Father wants you to do.

- Those who work within the church are supposed to receive out of what the church collects. 1 Corinthians 9:13, Numbers 18:21

- Tithes are not something that ended with the Old Testament. Jesus fulfilled and ended many things, but tithes did not represent anything that Jesus fulfilled.


- The world makes you thing that you work hard for your money and you shouldn't give it and money is your glory. Remember that it is God that gives you everything. Give His work part of what He gives you.

- Are you taking on your responsibilities? When you know there are people in need, do you do what you can to help? When one among us is in need or you hear about children suffering in Haiti, what do you do?

- When we give, we are blessed, we bless those working in the church, we bless those in need and the church is able to accomplish many things.



-Bondye se bay

-Se devwa Bondye pou-l ba nou paske se Li ki Papa nou, se sa-k fe Jezu di nou pou nou pa inkyete nou pou sa kap rive demain.

-Bondye kreye e Li bay tout bagay tout sa yo bezwen. An retou Li mande pou tout sa li kreye yo pou ba Li glwa

-Le nou pa beni, se fot nou. Nou manke konesans.


Travay 24:17, Hebre 7:8, Apokalyps 21:26


1. Ofrann

- Ofrann se pa dimes. Se 2 bagay diferan.

- Gen anpil kalite ofrann, espesyalman nan ansyen testaman an.

*Ofrann pou Yaweh

*Ofrann a Bondye dans adorasyon : bet ki touye pandan Jwif years old tap adore Bondye

*Ofrann boule : bet ki boule pou padon peche

**(Gen lot kalite toujou, men yo anpil)

- Ezayi 66:3 – Montre ke ofrann sa yo te dwe disparet. Le Jezu mouri sou kwa-a, Li akonpli tout ofrann sa yo

- Tout sa Bondye ap ba-w fe, Li bay model pou-w ka konn sa pou-w fe. Nou pa ka sevi Bondye jan nou vle

- Levitik 8:31 – Sakrifikate yo te dwe manje nan ofrann nan

- Si se pou Bondye ou ye, se pou ou fe tout sa Li mande ou fe.

- Ofrann lajan: Egzod 25:1-9 & Egzod 35:4,5,21 montre kijan pep la te dwe fe ofrann e kisa-k te dwe fet ak lajan-an. Bondye pat voye lajan sot nan syel. Li pa di Moyiz pou-l al fouye yon kote pou-l jwen lajan, men Bondye vle se pep la ki pou bay nan sa Li te ba yo.

- Se nan ofrann nou dwe jwen lajan pou pran swen tanp Bondye-a e fe tout sa ki gen pou fe nan legliz la, nan kominote-a, e ak moun ki gen bezwen.

- Travay Jezu ap soufri, kote nou? Kote kè nou ye, se la nou dwe bay riches nou. Si se nan Jezu kè nou ye, se nan travay Jezu pou nou bay nan sa nou genyen.

- Gen nan nou ki pe depanse pou Jezu paske nou panse depi nou bay nan sa nou genyen, nou pap ret anyen. Nou bliye ke Jezu te di nou pou nou pa inkyete nou pou demain paske se Papa nou li ye

- Bay se pa yon chwa, se yon devwa le ou se pitit Bondye. Se pa nan lemonn pou-n al jwen lajan pou fe travay Bondye, men se nan men pitit Bondye nou pou nou jwen.

- Tout tan legliz Bondye pa pwogrese, se Satan kap pwogrese.

- Rom 12:1: Bondye mande nou pou nou ofri tet nou ba li kom yon sakrifis vivan. Li ba nou ko-a e Li mande pou nou ba Li-l an retou. Gen anpil bagay nan lemonn ki di nou kisa pou nou fe ak ko nou, men se Bondye pou nou koute paske se Li-k te kreye nou.

- Ofrann kapab volontair, paske ou ka met konbyen ou vle

- Travay 11:29-30

2. Kolet

- Se tout sa ki reyini pou fe yon ofrann

- Yon ofrann ki ranmase pou yon bi espesyal

3. Aumone

- Ou jwen sa nan ofrann.

- Se yon pati nan ofrann nan ki met apa pou moun ki pa genyen

4. Dimes

- Dimes pa gen rapo avek ofrann

- Ou pa ka fe moun kado nan dime

- Hebre 7:8 – le ou peye dime nan legliz ou, ou fe we ke Jezu vivan. Ou konnen devwa Papa ou ba-w fe.

- Moun ki travay pou temple dwe resevwa nan sa tanp la resevwa: 1 Korint 9:13, Nom 18:21

- Dimes se pa yon bagay Ansyen Testaman. Jezu te akonpli anpil baga nan Ansyen Testaman, men dimes pa represante anyen.


- Lemonn fe ou panse ke ou travay two di pou lajan ou, ou paka bay li. Lajan-w se glwa-w li ye. Sonje se Jezu ki bay tout bagay. Remet Li sa Li ba ou.

- Eske ou pran responsabilite ou? Le gen youn kap soufri, eske ou fe sa ou kapab pou ede yo? Le yo di-w gen timoun an Ayiti kap pase mise, kisa ou fe?

- Le nou bay, nou beni, nou beni sevite kap travay nan legliz la, nou beni sa yo ki nan bezwen, e tout sa legliz la gen pou fe ka reyalize.

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