The Incredulous People (English & Kreyol)

(Kreyol la pi ba)

Original message: Sunday 9/11/16

If it wasn’t for God’s grace today, we would not have been able to sit here. We would not be able to speak and many of us would not have been born. We thank God for his grace.

There is a lot of work for us to do in order for us to understand the things that on this earth and the things that are in heaven. While we are alive, we have to live as though we were living in heaven.

Passage: John 8

We are going to see some conflicts that happened between Jesus and some people who refused to believe Him. Remember that John 3:20 shows us that when someone is in the dark, they do not want to go near people who are in the light because the darkness has many advantages. There are a lot of things that you can do in the dark. People do whatever they want in the dark and they are usually selfish. You cannot do whatever you want in the light. People who are in the light want people to appreciate them and they don’t want to do anything so people do not call them out. People in the light want everyone to know that they are servants of God.

The men who presented against Jesus in John 8 were mistreating the people, which was why they could not agree with the truth that Jesus spoke. They had big problems with Jesus. They were trying to make their own rules pass so that they could prove to Jesus that they were good the way they were. Even though the truth was black and white in front of them, they did not want to admit or accept it.

We are going to see why these Pharisees were trying to cause Jesus trouble. They did not act in ignorance because they had planned out what they were doing. Just like today, many people attack Christians because they do not want to step out of the darkness. They want to remove the Bible from everything so that they can do whatever they want. But Jesus is going to come with a new world and He is going to destroy the darkness and replace it with something extraordinary.

We need to discover the tactics that people who are against the truth use, because there are a lot of people who call themselves Christians, but they don’t believe what is written in the Bible.

At the time of the passage, Jesus could not stay with anyone in Jerusalem because if you were a disciple of Jesus, you would have to be a secret one. If any of the leaders knew you were a disciple of Jesus, you would be excluded from society. Even today we have some Christians who are living as secret disciples. They don’t want people to know that they are following Jesus.

It is better for you to be excluded in this society, but be included in Jesus’ society. We need people to see Jesus entering our homes in broad daylight. We don’t need to be friends with men, but we must be friends with Jesus.

The Pharisees were trying to trap Jesus. The enemy always tries to catch us in things that we like. In John 8, we can see several arguments that Jesus had with the people and the Pharisees.

1. The adulterous woman (John 8:1-11): The Pharisees knew the law, but they wanted to ask Jesus a question so they could trap Him. But Jesus turned the situation on them as told them If anyone is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone. The people left, the oldest first then the young. Jesus did not condemn the woman, but instead told her to go and sin no more. We have to take those words to heart.

2. Jesus said he was the light of the world (John 8:12-17): The Pharisees responded to this by saying that no man could be a witness for themselves. They were trying to trap Jesus with His own words. Jesus answered by stating that His words are truth because He knows where He came from and where He is going, but the Pharisees don’t know anything about Him.

3. Jesus claims the Father as His witness (John 8:18-20): The Pharisees asked Jesus where His father is and Jesus answered that they don’t know Him so they won’t know the Father. If they know Jesus, then they would know the Father. The Pharisees were unable to hurt Jesus because His time had not come.

4. Jesus says that He comes from above (John 8:21-30): The Pharisees ask Jesus who He is. Jesus states that He already told them who he was. Because they did not want to recognize the truth, they refused to believe Jesus. Jesus is talking of spiritual things, but the Pharisees are talking about physical things. John 8:27 states that they could not understand what Jesus was talking about.

This is like when you encouraging a fellow Christian to come to church and they answer that they don’t have time because they are working. Material things and spiritual things don’t mix because they have nothing to do with each other.

5. The truth will set you free (John 8:31-36): The people respond by saying that they are descendants of Abraham and that they were never slaves, so how can they become free. They keep talking about material/physical things and they still can’t understand spiritual things. Jesus tells them that those who sin are slaves to sin. When you live in sin, you cannot dwell in God’s house.

6. Satan is the father of these people (John 8:37-47): Jesus told the people that they were doing the works of their father. The people responded by saying that their father is Abraham. But Jesus rebuked them saying that Abraham did not do what these peole were doing. They were trying to kill Jesus, so they were doing the work of the devil. The people answered that God was their father and Jesus stated that if God was their father, they would listen to the words He spoke. But Satan was their father because they did not want to believe the truth that Jesus spoke which came from the Father.

There are many religions who state that God is leading them, but they do not speak the truth. Instead of reaching out to people who need the Word of God, the go to other churches and offer those church members a position in their own church. The Bible states that the Christians who succeed are the ones who are unafraid to speak God’s word. If you are a disciple of Jesus, you must do what He does.

7. Jesus is not seeking glory for Himself, but for God (John 8:48-50): The people accuse Jesus of being possessed by a demon, but Jesus answers that He is not a demon and that he is seeking glory for His father.

8. Those who obey God’s word will never die (John 8:51-55): The people again accuse Jesus of being possessed and ask Jesus if He thinks He is greater than Abraham or the prophets. They ask Jesus who He thinks He is. Even though Jesus has spoken to them numerous times, they still could not separate the spiritual from the material. They refused the truth. If you are a Christian, you must take things seriously!

9. Jesus states that Abraham was glad to see the days of Jesus. (John 8:56-58): The people ask Jesus how this could be, since Jesus wasn’t even 50 years old. These people were incredulous. They refused to believe the word and the Word could not go enter their hearts. Because they really did not want to listen to anything Jesus had to say, they tried to stone Him, but it was not yet His time.

There are people who don’t have any space for the truth because they already have their own mindsets. These people are sometimes so focused on the material things that even if you are talking with them on spiritual things, they will always bring you back to the material.

Do not mix the spiritual with the physical. They are not the same thing. Let the truth enter your heart so you can be set free.

Pep Inkredil

Dat mesaj sa: dimanch, 9/11/16

Si se pat gras Bondye, jodia bagay yo te ka grav. Nou pat tap ka chita la, nou pa ta kap pale, gen nan nou ki pa tap fet. Nou di Bondye mesi pou gras li.

Nou gen anpil travay pou nou fe pou nou ka konprann bagay ki sou te a, e bagay ki nan syel la. Pandan nap viv sou te sa, fo-k nou ka viv komsi se nan syel la nou ye.

Pasaj mesaj sa: Jan 8

Nou pral we ki pwoblem ki genyen ant Jezu ak moun ki refize kwe. Sonje ke Jan 3:20 montre ke depi yon moun nan fe nwa, li pap vle vin kot moun ki nan limye paske fe nwa-a gen anpil avantaj ladan-l. Gen anpil bagay ou ka fe nan fe nwa, yo fe ninpot bagay e se tet yo selman yo we. Men ou pa ka fe tout bagay nan limye. Moun ki nan limye bezwen moun apresye yo, yo pa ta renmen fe anyen pou moun pa jwen pou di sou yo. Yo vle ke moun we se yon sevite Bondye yo ye.

Se sak fe mesye sa yo ki nan Jan 8, pou jan yap masprinen pep la, yo pat ka dako ak verite Jezu-a. Yo vin gen yon kont avek Jezu. Yap cheche fe lide pa yo pase, pou yo prove Jezu ke jan yo ye-a pi bon. Malgre verite-a devan je yo nwa sou blan, yo pa vle admet li.

Nou pral we poukisa mesye farizyen yo tap trakase Jezu. Se pat inyorans ki fe yo tap fe sa, paske yo te konn tre byen sa yo tap fe-a. Menm jan ak jodi-a, moun kap atake Kretyen yo se paske yo pa vle sot nan fe nwa. Yo vle retire Bib la pou yo ka fe sa yo vle. Men Jezu ap vini avek yo lot mond. Li pral kraze nwase sa e ranplase avek yon mond tou nef.

Fo-k nou dekouvri taktik moun kap konteste avek pawol Bondye, paske gen anpil moun ki di yo se Kretyen, men yo pa dako avek anyen nan ki sot nan Bib la.

Jezu pat ka ale kay pesonn nan Jerizalem paske nan tan sa si ou te disip Jezu, fok ou disip li an kachet. Depi gwo mesye yo konnen ou avek Jezu, ou tap esklu nan sosyete-a. Menm jodi gen anpil nan Kretyen yo kap viv tankou disip Jezu an sekre. Yo pa vle moun konnen se Kretyen yo ye.

Pito ou esklu nan sosyete sa, men ou inklu nan sosyete Kris la. Nou vle ke moun we Jezu ap antre lakay nou, gran lajounen. Nou pa bezwen zanmi lom, men nou bezwen zanmi Jezu.

Mesye farizyen yo te vle pran Jezu nan pelen. Lenmi an toujou ap eseye pran ou nan sa ou renmen. Nan pasaj Jan 8 la, nou jwen kek agiman ant Jezu, pep la e Farizyen yo.

1. Fanm adilte-a (Jan 8:1-11): Farizyen yo te konnen la lwa, men you vin mande Jezu kesyon pou yo pran Jezu nan pyej. Men Jezu di yo: "Moun ki san peche-a, voye premye kout woch la." Mesye yo ale, pi gran yo anvan e pi jenn yo apre. Jezu pa kondane fanm la. Li di li, "Ale pa peche anko." Se pou nou toujou sonje pawol sa.

2. Jezu di li se Limye mond la (Jan 8:12-17): Farizyen yo di Jezu ke pawol li pa gen vale paske lap rann temwayaj pou tet li. Yap eseye pran Jezu nan pawol li. Jezu reponn yo ke temwayaj li se verite paske li konn kote li soti ak kote li prale, men Farizyen yo pa konn anyen de Jezu.

3. Jezu pran Papa-a kom temwen li (Jan 8:18-20): Farizyen yo mande Jezu kote papa li ye. Jezu reponn yo, "Ou pa konnen-m e ou pa konnen Papa-a." Si yo te konnen Jezu, yo ta konnen Papa-a tou. Farizyen yo pat ka fe-l anyen paske le Jezu pot ko rive

4. Jezu di li soti anwo (Jan 8:21-30): Farizyen yo mande kiles Jezu ye. Jezu te gentan di yo kiles li ye, men telman yo pa vle rekonet verite-a yo refize kwe Jezu. Jezu ap pale bagay spirityel, men Farizyen yo menm se bagay lache yo pale. Jan 8:27 di ke yo pat ka konprann sa Jezu ap di-a.

Se tankou le wap ankouraje yon fre pou li vin legliz epi li di ou, "M-pa gen tan, fo-m al travay." Bagay spirityel ak bagay materyel pa gen rapo.

5. Verite-a ap ba ou libete (Jan 8:31-36): Pep la reponn ke yo se pitit Abraram, e yo pat janm esklav, kijan yo ka gen libete. Yo rete nan bagay lache, e yo pa ka konprann bagay spirityel. Men Jezu di yo ke moun ki fe peche se ekslav peche. Depi wap viv nan peche, ou pap demere lakay Bondye

6. Satan se papa pep la (Jan 8:37-47): Jezu di yo ke yap fe zev papa yo. Pep la di ke papa yo se Abraram. Men Jezu reponn ke Abraram pat fe zev moun sa yo tap fe a. Yo tap cheche touye Jezu. Pep la tap fe zev papa pa yo. You reponn ke se Bondye ki papa yo, men Jezu di si Bondye te papa yo, yo tap tande pawol ki sot nan bouch Li. Men se Satan ki papa yo, paske yo pa vle kwe nan verite Jezu tap bay la ki sot nan Bondye.

Gen anpil relijyon kap di se Bondye ki papa yo, men yo pa bay verite-a. Gen moun ki pa janm kanpe devan sa yo ki bezwen Bondye pou yo ba yo levanjil. Yo gaspiye tan yo ap ofri moun lot legliz plas nan legliz pa yo. La Bib fe konnen ke anpil Kretyen ap reyisi paske nou pa pe pale pawol Jezu. Si-w di ou se pitit Jezu, ou dwe fe zev Jezu.

7. Jezu pa cheche glwa li, men glwa pou Bondye (Jan 8:48-50): Pep la di Jezu se demon, men Jezu reponn yo ke lap cheche glwa pou Papa li e li pa yon demon

8. Moun ki obeyi pawol Bondye pap janm mouri (Jan 8:51-55): Pep di anko ke Jezu se yon demon e yo mande Jezu si li pi gran ke Abraram ak profet yo. Yo mande-l anko kiles li panse li ye. Moun sa yo pat ka we bagay spirityel Jezu tap pale-a. Apre tout pale Jezu pale avek yo, yo pa janm pran verite-a.

Si ou se kretyen, fo-k ou pran bagay yo seriye!

9. Jezu di Abraram te kontan we jou Jezu-a (Jan 8:56-58): Pep la mande Jezu kijan li te we Abraram si Jezu pa menm gen 50 ans?

Pep la te inkredil. Pawol la pat ka antre nan yo. Telman yo pat vle tande sa Jezu tap di, yo te eseye lapide li, men se pot ko le Jezu-a.

Gen moun ki pa gen plas pou verite-a telman yo pa vle la konsepsyon pa yo. Gen de fwa bagay materyel yo telman konsene nou, men si yap pale bagay spirityel la avek nou, nou toujou retounen nan bagay materyel la.

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