Silence is the Key to a Christian's Victory (English & Kreyol)

(Kreyol la pi ba)

Original message date: Sunday 9/4/16

There is something called defense in the world. This is something that exists for man to protect themselves.

KEY VERSES: Exodus 14:14; Lamentations 3:26

People will always try to defend themselves especially when there is someone trying to make them suffer. This is something that comes naturally to man. If someone is hurting you, normally you would stand up against them to show that you don't accept what they are doing.

Man is an emotional being. There are things that happen to someone and no matter who they are, they will react. But as Christians, the first thing we need to do is control our emotions. We need to do this because often when we talk, we end up saying terrible things that end up putting us in trouble with God and with our friends. Sometimes you feel that you should say something bitter when somethings happens, but you don't say anything because you don't want to mess up your relationship with God or with your friends. We need to know when to speak and when to stay silent.

There are things that people do to you and you know you could say something to put that person in their place, but because you remember who you are and your Creator is, you keep quiet. Others can say that you're a wimp, but you are not troubled because you are a Christian and you know that there are certain things you shouldn't say. This is a problem that many people have today. Some people always have something to say, no matter what happens.

When God delivered Israel and they came face to face with the Red Sea, they had four problems:

- The Red Sea was in front of them

- There were mountains to their right

- There were mountains to their left

The Israelites probably thought that they should turn back, but there was a final and more dangerous problem:

- Pharoah and his army were behind them

This problem caused the Israelites to start murmuring and complaining. They started to say things that they should not have said. God responded to them in Exodus 14:14. Look at the problem. What we see as problems for us is nothing for God. God can make the our problems disappear, but there is a condition. The condition is for us to be silent. We shouldn't be murmuring or complaining. We shouldn't be saying "If only we had stayed in Egypt." If Egypt was so nice, why were we asking God to deliver us?

There are times in order for God to deliver us, we have to be silent and let God act. When we sit around talking on and on, we may stop our deliverance. With all the talking that we do, nothing is ever resolved. Just leave it all to God. We can't do anything because if we could do it, we would have already done it. God is the only one who can act for us, so we should remain silent.

There are friends that we have that can never be our friends again because of something that we said to them. We must learn to control our emotions. There is a Haitian proverb that says: It is better to ignore someone than to talk back to them.

If we are at home and our husband or our wife is very angry and talking angrily, we should remain calm. Don't answer because if you do things could get much worse. In church we have people who talk to much which causes God not to be able to deliver us. They talk about things that they see and things that they don't see. They talk about things that they know and things that they don't know. They talk about things that they heard or things that they didn't hear. Sometimes even if you heard something, what you heard is not what is actually happening.

Can't we see that we talk too much? Can't we see that this makes churches weak? Don't we see that because we spend so much time talking about nonsensical and unimportant things that when we go to church we can't worship or pray? When we talk too much, we mess up our relation with God.

If you want to have victory over satan, or over the world, or over yourself, you need to be silent before God.

Jeremiah was in a bad place in Lamentations 3. In verse 26 he reasoned that it is good to remain silent and wait for our deliverance from God.

There are certain places that we put ourselves that bring us trouble just because we couldn't wait. We couldn't be silent. Don't do what others are doing. There are things that we should not say. We should not be angry or vulgar Christians.

Think about it: Can you feel that we talk too much? That we say things that we shouldn't say? There are people who say so much stuff that they end up talking bad about God and talking bad about God's servants. If we are saying bad things about God, how can we expect God to bless us? As Christians, we must control our mouths. Our mouths can bring down curses on us, because we say such awful things. There are certain things that we see, that we shouldn't speak about lest we cause bad things to happen to us.

Job 33:31-33 God told Job to stop talking so that He could teach job wisdom. God knew that Job did not want to be in his current situation, but Job is not the one who is in control. God knows what He is doing and He wants us to remain silent while He acts.

There are things that happen to us because we talk and complain too much. There are things that God is doing where He doesn't need your input. In God's school, He teaches whoever He wants any way He wants. While Job was having problems, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar were saying so many things, talking on and on. After God brought Job up, He punished those three men who were speaking on matters that did not concern them.

If you want to be blessed by God... Remember to stay silent and let God fight for you.

God bless you.

Silans se baz viktwa Kretyen an

Dat mesaj sa: dimanch 9/4/16

Nan lemond gen yon bagay ki rele defans, sa se yon bagay ki fet pou defan tet ou.

Vese kle: Egzod 14:14, Lamentasyon 3:26

Lom toujou gen tandans pou yo defann tet yo sitou le yon moun vle fe-l soufri. Se yon bagay naturel lakay lom. Si yon moun ap fe-w mal, ou gen tandans pou ou kanpe pou reje-l. Naturelman nou kanpe pou nou di nou pa dako-l.

Lom fet emosyonel. Gen bagay ki rive devan yon moun, ninpot kiles li ye, lap pale paske li fet emosyonel. Men an tan ke Kretyen, premye bagay pou nou fe se kontwole emosyon nou.

Nou bezwen kontwole emosyon nou paske tres souvan le nou pale, nou rive di bagay grav, ki vin antrave nou avek Bondye e avek zanmi nou. Gen bagay ki rive devan ou, ou ta ka pale, men ou pa pale paske ou ka antrave tet ou avek Bondye e avek zanmi. Nou dwe konnen ki le pou nou pale e kile pou nou pa pale.

Gen bagay yon moun fe, se pa kanpe ou pate kanpe pou regle moun nan, men paske ou konnen ki moun ou ye e ki moun ki fe-w, ou oblije rete bouch fenmen. Lot yo ka pran-w kom egare, men sa pa ba ou pwoblem paske se Kretyen ou ye e ou konnen gen de bagay ou pa dwe di. Sa se yon pwoblem anpil moun jodi-a genyen. Ninpot ti bagay ki rive, fo-k yo pale.

Le Bondye te delivre Izrayel, yo te trouve yo devan lanme wouj anfas 4 pwoblem:

- Lanme Wouj devan yo

- Montay a dwat

- Montay a goch

Yo panse ge le yo ta dwe retounen, men gen yon denye obstak ki pi danjere

- Farawon ak lame li te deye yo

Pwoblem sa te koz Izrayel te konmanse pale. Yo tap di pawol yo pat dwe di. E Bondye te reponn yo nan Egzod 14:13. Gade pwoblem nan. Sa-w we ki pwoblem pou ou an, se pa pwoblem pou Bondye. Bondye ap fe pwoblem la disparet, men gen yon kondisyon. Kondisyon sa se pou ou pe bouch ou. Fo-w pa plede ap bogonen. Fo-w pa plede ap di <O, si-m te rete Ejip>. Si Ejip te bon, ou pa tap mande Bondye pou-l te delivre ou.

Gen de kote pou Bondye delivre ou se pou ou rete an silans e kite Bondye aji. Le nou tonbe pale anpil, sa rete delivrans nou. Pale anpil ka rete benediksyon nou. Fo-w we le nou pale anpil, anyen pa janm rezoud. Lage tout bagay nan men Letenel. Nou paka fe anyen, paske si nou te kapab, nou ta gentan fe-l. Se Letenel selman ki ka fe-l, se pou nou rete an silans.

Gen yon zanmi ou genyen, yon sel pawol ki sot nan bouch ou ka fe-l pa janm ka zanmi-w anko. Se pou nou kontwole emosyon nou. Mepris pi bon pase repons.

Si ou nan kay la e ou we mari-w ou byen mandanm ou ap vole, kalme ou. Pa okipe-l paske si ou antre nan pale anpil, bagay yo ka vin pi mal. Andan legliz nou gen moun ki pale anpil ki fe nou pa ka jwen delivrans Bondye. Yo pale sa yo we ak sa yo pa we. Yo pale sa yo konnen ak sa yo pa konnen. Yo pale sa yo tande ak sa yo pa tande. E gen de fwa, jan ou tande yon bagay, se pa konsa li ye.

Nou pa we nou pale twop? Nou pa we legliz feb? Nou pa we gen moun ki telman pale anpil nan bagay ki pa seriye, san sans, le yo rive legliz yo paka adore ni priye? Le ou pale twop ou deranje kontak ou ak Bondye.

Si ou vle gen viktwa sou satan, si ou vle gen viktwa sou le monn, si ou vle gen viktwa sou tet ou, fo-k ou fe silans devan Bondye.

Jeremi te rive nan yon pwoblem nan Lamentasyon 3, li vinn resone ke Bondye nan v26 di nou li bon pou nou rete an silans pou nou tann delivrans Bondye.

Gen de kote ou foure ko-w, ou antrave tet ou paske ou pat tann. Ou pat rete an silans. Pa fe sa lot yo ap fe. Gen pawol ou pa dwe pale. Ou pa dwe yon Kretyen ki toujou an kole.

Reflechi: nou pa santi nou pale twop? Gen moun ki telman pale, yo pale Bondye mal e apre yo pale sevite Bondye mal. Si nap pale Bondye mal, konman nap fe beni si se Bondye ki pou beni nou? Kom Kretyen, kontwole bouch nou. Bouch nou jete malediksyon sou nou, telman nou pa kontwole sa nap di. Gen bagay ou we, pa pale, pou pa rale malediksyon sou ou.

Job 33:31-33,Bondye di Job pou-l pe pou Li ka pale pou li ka bay Job bon konprann. Bondye konnen Job pa ta vle nan sitiyasyon li ye a, me se pa Job ki an kontwol. Bondye konnen sa lap fe e Li vle pou nou rete an silans pandan Lap aji.

Gen bagay kap rive-w se paske ou pale twop. Gen bagay Bondye ap fe, pa antre ladan. Nan lekol Bondye li fe klas ak moun jan-l vle. Pandan Job te nan pwoblem, Eliyou, Bildad, e Elifaz tap pale anpil. Apre Bondye fin leve Job, li te pini twa mesye sa yo.

Si ou ta vle jwen benediksyon nan men Bondye... Rete an silans

Bondye beni ou.

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