The Good Shepherd (English & Kreyol)

(Kreyol al pi ba)

Message Date: 8/7/2016

There are people who think that you are blessed when you have a nice house, money or clothes and are better off than all of your friends. You are blessed when the Holy Spirit is in you and you know that you are child of God who is going to heaven.

Pray for Haiti.

Do not trouble yourself for your illnesses that haven’t been cured. Jesus didn’t come to save your body, but to save your soul. Being sick is not a good experience, but don’t trouble yourself over it.

John 10:7

Romans 3:23


There are three ways that Jesus proves that He is the Good Shepherd. Things that are important in life only come from Jesus and no one else. What we find in Jesus is eternal, and that is why we should concentrate on eternal things. Right now we do not see Jesus face to face, but can you begin to feel Jesus in your life? Can you see the difference between you and the non-Christian world? You have to be able to see and feel the difference. There are those who are living like Jesus is walking right with them. There are those who can feel Him working in everything they do. All of us who call ourselves Christian should feel that way.

  1. He has to give His Life for us – because He is the Good Shepherd, He had to sacrifice Himself. John 10:9 When you enter the door that is Jesus, you will find good things. The door is narrow and not many people will enter through it. There are many who are unwilling to let go of sin, which has made them unable to pass through the narrow door. Jesus wants us to be a part of Him. His sacrifice allows us to recognize Him as the Good Shepherd. Jesus gives, but Satan takes. Satan pretends to give , but what he gives are things that will not last nor save you. Those of us who are little shepherds, we have to make sacrifices to help others. There are things that you can do to show others that you are a child of the Good Shepherd. When we become a part of Jesus, we must bear good fruit. Psalm 22 shows the sacrifice of Jesus.

  2. He is the Great Shepherd, without beginning or endPsalm 23 the Great Shepherd saved us from death and gave us life. With this Shepherd we find all that we need. People who have a beginning or an end cannot be the greatest. If we understood Psalm 23, we would never spend time searching for things in the world. The Great Shepherd gives us everything. We do not need to go look for anything outside. There are those who are hiding from little shepherds, but they cannot hid from the Great Shepherd—don’t do what the little shepherds ask because it’s the little shepherd speaking, but follow the little shepherds’ words because it comes from the Great Shepherd. Don’t go looking for extra to put on top of what God gives you, because He gives you all you need.

  3. He is all powerful and Sovereign – He knows everyone who is seeking Him with all their hearts and He knows everyone who is playing. He will return to give an incorruptible crown to those who did what He asked. Everyone wants crowns, but not everyone wants to work to receive one. Those who refuse to accept corruption on the earth are those who will receive the incorruptible crown in Heaven. Those who stand firm in God’s word are the ones who will receive this crown. You, who are God’s children, do not accept corruption in any form. When we accept Jesus, there is no one who can do anything to us. Keep your heart in place regardless of what happens, because you are in God’s hands. This is why He asks us to remain in him, because He will give us all we need.


Romans 3:23

We don’t deserve anything from God. One day we heard God calling us to Him. Some of us received the gospel from another person, which brought us to where we are today. It is sad to see that there are people who have been hearing God’s word for over 20 years and still have not changed. There are those of us who are sitting here listening and our children are somewhere else playing. We have to make the effort to teach our children God’s word and make them sit down to listen or else they won’t know or respect God. Don’t waste time. Do what God wants, so that we can change into who God wants us to be.

Justification comes directly from Jesus. In order to understand justification, you must know where you came from and why the Good Shepherd justified you. You had to know that you sinned which led you to being justified.

What we need to know is what sin really is. Some say there are big sins and little sins, but that’s not true. There are just different categories of sins.

  1. Transgression – when you, on your own will, cross the line that God drew between good and evil

  2. Iniquity – immorality or an evil that comes from inside of you Romans 1:21-23

  3. Fault – when you abandon the right path Romans 1:18-19

  4. Disorientation – when you don’t know the right path

  5. Offense – with your own will, you take the place of God in a domain that does not belong to you. You make yourself equal to God. You put down God’s authority for your own. When God tells you something, what He says is final. If you won’t bend to His will, you will break.

  6. License – spiritual anarchy; this is people who are doing bad things and still believe that they are Christian 1 Timothy 1:9

  7. Incredulity – when you insult God’s truth. God speaks and you say it’s a lie and that you refuse to believe it. These are people who choose to not believe. When people want to do whatever they want, they will always challenge the truth. We cannot change God’s word, all we can do is accept. John 16:9

Sin began with Satan. Sin entered the human race through Adam. Sin is universal and Jesus is the only on to ever walk the earth without sinning. If we are suffering, it is not because we have sinned, but because we were born in sin. Although the sins we commit made add to our suffering. If sin had never entered the human race, there would never have been suffering. Sin brings spiritual and physical death. You can’t say that God only sees the heart, so that you can continue to sin with your body. Genesis 2:17, Genesis 3:19, Isaiah 19:4, Romans 6:23. Sin is incurable except through Jesus. Acts 4:12

Don’t you want to remain in Christ, becoming a part of Him?

Dat Mesaj sa: 8/7/2016

Gen moun ki konpran le ou beni se le li gen yon bel kay, lajan, machine ou rad ki depase tout zanmi-n

Le ou beni se le Sintespri nan ou, ou konnen ou se pitit Bondye ki pral nan syel

Priye pou Ayiti

Pa bay tet ou pwoblem pou maladi ki pa geri. Kris pat vini pou ko, men se pou nanm li te vini. Nou konnen maladi pa dous, men pa bay tet ou pwoblem pou sa.

Jan 10:7

Rom 3:23


Gen twa fason Jezu prove ke li se le bon Beje. Bagay ki inpotan na lavi-a se Jezu sel ki ka bay li, pa gen lot moun anko ki ka fe sa. Sa nou jwen nan Jezu, li la etenel, se sak fe nou dwe konsantre sou bagay etenel. Kounye-a nou pa ka we Jezu, men eske ou komanse santi Jezu nan lavi ou? Eske ou we diferans ant ou ak mond lan? Fok ou santi diferans la, fok ou we diferans la. Gen moun kap viv, se tankou li we Jezu devan-l. Gen moun ki santi Jezu ap aji nan tout sa li fe. Nou tout ki rele tet nou Kretyen dwe santi sa.

  1. Li dwe bay lavi Li pou nou – se sak fe Li sakrifye li pou nou. Jan 10:9 Le ou antre nan pot ki se Jezu-a wap jwen bon bagay. Pot la etwat, se pa anpil moun ki ka antre ladan-l. Gen moun ki pa vle lage peche yo ate ki fe yo paka pase ladan-l. Jezu vle pou nou antre nan Li. Se sakrifis sa ki fe Jezu kapab bon Beje-a. Jezu bay, men Satan pran. Satan fe komsi lap bay, men sa lap bay yo se bagay ki pap rete ni sove-w. Nou menm ki se ti beje, fok nou fe sakrifis pou nou ka ede lot yo. Gen bagay ou kapab fe ki ka montre ke ou se pitit bon Beje-a. Le nou antre nan Jezu, fok nou ka gen bon bagay kap sot lakay nou. Som 22 montre sakrifis

  2. Li se pi Gran Beje-a, Li pa gen konmansman ni finSom 23 gran Beje-a pran nou nan lamo li ban nou lavi. Nan gran Beje-a, nou jwen tout bagay. Moun ki genyen yon konmasman ak yon fin paka moun ki pi gran. Si nou te konprann Som 23, nou pa tap janm ap pase tan nou ap cheche bagay nan lemonn, paske Gran Beje-a ap ba nou tout bagay. Nou pa bezwen al cheche anyen deyo. Gen moun kap kache pou ti beje, men yo pa ka kache pou Gran Beje—pa fe sa ti beje yo mande ou paske se ti beje-a ki di pawol la, men swiv sa yo di paske pawol la soti nan bouch Gran Beje-a. Pa chache anyen “extra” pou mete sou sa Bondye ba ou, paske Li ba ou tout bagay

  3. Li gen pouvwa sou tout bagay – Li konn tout moun kap cheche li, e tout moun kap jwe nan levanjil. Li gen pou-l retounin pou-l bay kouronn a tout moun ki te fe travay li mande. Tout moun renmen kouronn, men tout moun pa vle travay pou kouronn. Moun ki pa aksepte koripsyon sou te-a se yo kap jwen kouronn inkoriptib nan syel la. Moun ki kanpe fe-m nan pawol Bondye, se yo kap resevwa kouronn sa. Ou menm, pitit Bondye, pa aksepte koripsyon ninpot jan li paret.

Le ou fin aksepte Jezu, pa gen moun ki ka fe-w anyen. Ninpot sa kap rive, kite ke ou an plas paske ou gentan chita nan pla men Bondye. Se sak fe li mande nou pou nou antre nan Li, paske lap ba nou tout sa nou bezwen.


Rom 3:23

Nou pat merite anyen nan men Bondye. Men se yon jou nou te tande vwa Bondye kap rele nou pou nou vin jwen li. Gen nan nou ki jwen levanjil la nan bouch yon sevite ki fe nou ka kote nou ye-a. Sa fe tris le ou we gen moun kap tande levanjil depi 20 ans, ki pa janm chanje. Gen nan nou nou chita nap pran levanjil, men pitit nou yon lot kote ap jwe. Fe tout efo ou pou ou preche timoun ou, fe pitit nou chita tande levanjil pou yo ka konnen e respekte pawol Bondye. Pa kite tan ap pase pou ou pa fe sa Bondye mande pou nou ka chanje nan jan Bondye vle-a.

Jistifikasyon soti direkteman nan men Jezu. Pou ou ka konprann jistifikasyon, fok ou konnen kote ou soti e poukisa Bon Beje-a jistifye-w. Se paske ou konnen ou te peche, ki fe ou jwen jistifikasyon

Sa nou dwe konnen, se le yo pale de peche, kisa li ye vre. Gen moun ki di gen gwo peche, gen ti peche. Se pa konsa li ye. Gen anpil kategori peche.

  1. Transgresyon – le ou, avek tout volonte ou, travese yon liy Bondye trase ant bon e mal

  2. Inikite—yon aksyon move ki soti andan ou, imoralite Rom 1:21-23

  3. Yon fot – le ou abandone yon dwat chemen Rom 1:18-19

  4. Egareman – le ou pa konnen dwat chemen an

  5. Ofens – se pwop volonte pa-w ou pran nan yon bagay ki pou Bondye, ou eseye mete ou egal ak Bondye. Ou mete otorite Bondye ate, e ou pran otorite-a. Le Bondye di yon bagay, sa-L di-a se sa. Si ou pa vle koube anba Bondye, ou ka kase.

  6. Lisans – anachi nan bagay spirityel – moun ki komet peche sa se yo ki konprann yo nan Kris 1 Timote 1:9

  7. Inkredilite –le ou insilte verite Bondye-a. Bondye di yon bagay e ou di se manti, ou pap dako-l. Se moun ki chwazi pou yo pa kwe. Le moun vle fe sa yo vle, yo toujou pran pou yo diskite verite Bondye-a. Nou paka chanje pawol Bondye, aksepte li. Jan 16:9

Peche konmanse nan Satan. Peche antre nan lom pa Adan. Peche se yon bagay inivesel, se sel Jezu ki te mache sou te sa san peche. Si nap soufri se paske nou fet nan peche, men se pa akoz de peche nou fe. Men, peche nou fe yo ka ogmante soufrans nou. Si peche pat antre nan lom, pa tap gen soufrans.

Peche pote lamo spirityel e fisik. Pa gen yon kesyon ke se ke selman Bondye we—yo panse yo ka peche ak ko-a, men pa ak ke-a. Jenez 2:17, Jenez 3:19, Ezayi 19:4, Rom 6:23. Peche inkirab, se Jezu ki sel remed pou peche. Travay 4:12

Eske ou pa ta renmen antre nan Jezu konye-a?

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