You Don't Deserve It, So Respect It (English & Kreyol)

(Kreyol la pi ba)

Original message: Sunday, July 31, 2016

  • A lot of people are enjoying privileges that they don't deserve, because of God's grace.

  • Since God has given us grace, we have to be careful that we don't lose our undeserved privileges

  • A privilege is something that a person receives without working for it.

  • Many of us did not know if we would ever make it to the US because we did not have any family here. But when we finally made it and became citizens, we received privileges in this country.

  • 1 King 11:28-38

  • After David had died, the 12 tribes of Israel were under the rule of his son Solomon. God had promised David that if Solomon did what He commanded, He would treat Solomon like a son.

  • This was a privilege that Solon was going to receive from the Lord. Remember that the same way you receive a privilege, you can also lose it.

  • Because Solomon turned away from God and bowed down to false gods, the Lord decided to tear the kingdom of Israel from him. But because David was faithful to God, God left 2 tribes in the hands of Solomon's son, Reoboram.

  • God sent the prophet Ahijah to tell Jeoboram what He was going to do. God gave Jeoboram The other 12 tribes of Israel.

  • Through the prophet, God explained to Jeoboram why He was doing what He was doing. It wasn't because Jeoboram deserved to be king, but it was because Solomon had turned away from God to serve idols.

  • This is something that doesn't make sense. Solomon was one who God spoke with. God asked him what he wanted and Solomon asked for wisdom. God blessed him with wisdom and so much more. The Bible explains that there was no other king as wise or as rich as King Solomon.

  • Someone like Solomon should never have turned away from the God who gave him everything!

  • It is a sad thing to see someone who used to walk with Jesus and who knew Jesus, turn around and return to their wicked ways.

  • You would think that after God told Jeoboram why he tore the kingdom from Solomon that Jeoboram would do better.

  • 1 Kings 14:7-9 shows that Jeoboram actually did worse and more evil than all others before him!

  • But God did not let that slide. The privilege He had given Jeoboram because a curse because of the king's actions.

  • 1 Kings 14:10-11 shows the curse that Jeoboram had brought on himself because he did not respect the privilege that God had given him, nor did he learn from what had happened to Solomon before him.

  • We who are enjoying the privileges that God gives, don't wast it. Respect it.

  • God's grace will end one day. God can take away the privileges that He had given.

  • Remember that you do not deserve what God gives, but He gives them to us freely anyway.

  • Respect God, respect God's words and you will be able to enjoy all of the things that God gives, especially His grace.

Ou Pa Merite-l, Anbyen Respekte-l

Dat messaj sa: Sunday, July 31, 2016

  • Gen anpil moun kap jwi li, men nou pa merite li. Men Bondye fe nou gras

  • Pwiske Bondye fe nou gras, nou bezwen pran anpil prekosyon pou nou pa pedi-l

  • Privilej se yon dwa yo bay yon moun, menm si li pa merite sa

  • Anpil nan nou pat konnen si nou tap janm vini Aux Etats Unis paske nou pat gen fanmi ki te fet nan peyi a. E le nou aksepte pran nasyonalite American, gen anpil lot privilej nou vin jwen anko

  • 1 Wa 11:28-38

  • Apre David te fin ale, 12 tribi Israyel yo te nan men Salomon. Bondye te pwomet David si Salomon fe tout sa Li konmande, Lap trete Salomon kom pitit li.

  • Sa se yon privilej Salomon tap resewva nan men Bondye. Men fo nou sonje, men jan ou resevwa yon privilej, konsa tou ou ka pedi li.

  • Akoz Salomon te vire do bay Bondye e te al sevi lot fo dye, Bondye te deside chire wayom nan men li. Men akoz David, le te kite 2 nan tribi yo nan men pitit Solomon an, Woboram.

  • Bondye voye pwofet Akija pou di Jewoboram sa Li pral fe. Li bay Jewoboram lot 10 tribi Israyel yo.

  • Pa pwofet la, Bondye esplike Jeoboram poukisa Li fe sa. Se pat paske Jewoboram te merite wa, men se paske Salomon te vire do bay Bondye e l-al bese devan fo dye

  • Se yon bagay ki pa fe sans. Salomon se youn ki te pale ak Bondye. Bondye te mande li ki sa li vle, e Salomon te mande sajes pou-l dirije pep la. Bondye te beni li ak sa li te mande a. E la Bib esplike ke pa gen yon lot wa ki te janm pi rich ni ki te gen plis sajes ke Salomon.

  • Eske yon moun tankou Salomon te dwe vire do bay Bondye ki te ba li tout bagay?

  • Se yon bagay ki tris, pou we yon moun fin rankontre e ki fin mache ak Jezu, pou-l al retounen nan bagay ki pa bon.

  • Ou ta panse apre Bondye te di Jewoboram poukisa li te chire wayom lan nan men Salomon, Jewoboram ta fe pi bon pase sa.

  • 1 Wa 14:7-9 rakonte ke Jewoboram te fe pi mal ke tout moun ki vini anvan li.

  • Bondye pat kite sa pase konsa. Privilej li te bay Jewoboram nan tounen yon malediksyon akoz de aksyon li

  • 1 Wa 14:10-11 esplike malediksyon Jewoboram te rale sou tet li akoz li pat respekte privilej Bondye te ba li, e li pat apran de sa ki te pase Salomon anvan li.

  • Nou menm ka jwi privilej Bondye-a, pa gaspiye-l. Respekte-l.

  • Gras nou genyen an ap fini yon le. Privilej Bondye ba nou an, Li ka pran-l nan men nou.

  • Sonje nou pa merite sa Bondye ba nou, men Li ba nou yo kanmenm.

  • Respekte Bondye, respekte pawol Li e wa jwi tout privilej ak gras Bondye bay yo.

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