A Study In God's Peace (English & Kreyol)

(Kreyol la pi ba)

Original Message- Sunday, May 29, 2016

Peace that is unlikely to be found:

  • International Peace: not possible because one country always wants to rule over another

  • National Peace: within the country there are too many people with different ideas and each person wants their idea to reign

  • Civil Peace: within a neighborhood there may always be troublemakers

  • Domestic Peace: there are many families that are unable to live peacefully with each other

  • Individual Peace: that is a question that only you can answer. Are you at peace with yourself?

God’s Peace:

  • The peace from above us (The Peace of God)

  • Isaiah 57:20

  • Job 22:21-30

  • When your peace comes from earthly things, such as riches and other people, there is no way that it will last. This passage shows all the things that come from God’s peace and what you can do to obtain it, if you do not have it.

  • Psalms 37:4 & 5

  • Do not put your faith in things on this earth. This world cannot bring you peace, because it is unable to have peace itself.

  • The peace within us (God’s Peace in Our Hearts)

  • Romans 5:1

  • This comes from belief in Jesus. Jesus is the one who paid for this peace. You may live in a peaceful household, but until you have God’s peace in your heart, you will never know true peace.

  • John 14:27

  • This is Jesus’ peace. Once this is within you, you understand that you were God’s enemy and repent to become His friend. As long as you are enemies with someone, you do not have peace.

  • Because you have God’s peace within you, no matter what happens around you or to you, you know that God is in control of this world and everything will happen according to His will. He has a place reserved for all those who have His peace.

  • Isaiah 57:15 & 16

  • Romans 16:20

  • The power of God’s peace. In order for the peace to be forever, God must destroy Satan. This is the peace that we are striving for.

  • As a child of God, you must be an agent of peace. If you go somewhere and you find unrest, you must try to put peace.

  • If someone hates you, you must have enough love for the both of you. Those who do wrong are never at rest or at peace. They are like the waves of the ocean (James 1:6-8) and will never receive anything from God.

  • The peace around us (Peace with our Fellow Man)

  • As brothers and sisters in Christ, there should not be fighting among us because that will lead to division. We must be united in Christ.

  • If there are those among us who may think they are better than others or think that they must always be above others. They do not have God's peace in them.

  • If we have God's peace, when a brother does something wrong, we approach them with respect and gently correct them (Galatians 6:1)

  • We should not only look at the wrongdoing, but we should also look at the person and help them.

  • We must try to encourage each other to always do better so we all can meet in heaven.

FINAL QUESTION: Have you completely surrendered to God, so that you may receive His peace?

Yon Etid Sou Lape Bondye-A

Lape nou paka genyen:

  • Lape entenasyonal: paka genyen lape sa paske ap toujou gen yon peyi ki vle domine yon lot peyi

  • Lape nasyonal: gen twop moun ki gen lide differan nan yon peyi, e chak vle se lide pa yo ki pou pase

  • Lape nan yon katye: toujou gen moun kap bay pwoblem nenpot kote ou ye

  • Lape lakay ou: gen anpil fanmi ki pa konnen kijan pou yo viv byen youn ak lot

  • Lape endividyel: se sel ou menm ki ka reponn kesyon sa: eske ou en pe?

Lape Bondye-a:

  • Lape ki sou tet nou (Lape Bondye-a)

  • Ezayi 57:20

  • Job 22:21-30

  • Si lape ou soti nan bagay ki sou te-a, tankou riches ak lot moun, lape sa pap dure. Pasaj sa montre tout bagay ki soti nan lape Bondye-a e sa ou dwe fe pou ou jwen lape sa si ou pa genyen-l.

  • Som 37:4 & 5

  • Pa mete konfians ou nan bagay ki sou te-a. Lemonn paka ba ou lape, paske lemonn pa gen lape pou tet pa-l.

  • Lape anndan nou (Lape Bondye-a nan ke nou)

  • Rom 5:1

  • Lape sa soti nan konfians ou gen nan Jezu. Se Jezu ki te peye pou lape sa. Ou te met rete yon kote ki sanble li gen lape, men depi ou pa gen lape bondye-a nan ke ou, ou pap janm gen vre lape-a.

  • Jan 14:27

  • Sa se lape Jezu-a. Depi ou gen lape sa nan ke ou, w-ap konnen ke ou te enmi Bondye e w-ap repanti pou ou ka zanmi li. Depi ou enmi avek yon moun, ou pa ka gen lape.

  • Paske ou gen lape Bondye-a nan ke ou, ou pap janm gen pwoblem pou bagay kap pase. Ou konnen ke Bondye gen kontwol sou tout bagay e tout sa kap rive ou se paske Li vle. bondye gen yon plas ki reseve pou moun ki gen lape Li.

  • Ezayi 57:15 & 16

  • Rom 16:20

  • Men pouvwa lape Bondye-a. Pou nou ka gen lape pou tout tan, fo-k bondye detwi satan. Sa le lape nap cheche-a.

  • Paske ou se yon pitit Bondye, ou dwe yon ajen de lape tout kote ou pase. Ou pa dwe ap met lage tout kote ou pase.

  • Si yon moun rayi ou, ou dwe gen ase lanmou pou ou renmen nou tou de. Moun kap fe sa ki mal pa janm an pe. Yo tankou vag lanme (Jak 1:6-8) e yo pap janm resevwa anyen nan men Bondye.

  • Lape ki entoure nou (Lape avek lot moun)

  • ​​Fre e Se nan Jezu Kris pas dwe ap bay youn ak lot pwoblem, paske sa ka pote divizyon. Nou dwe uni an Kris.

  • Si genye ki nan mitan nou ki panse yo pi bon pase yon lot, moun konsa pa gen lape bondye-a nan yo.

  • Si nou gen lape Bondye-a nan nou, le youn nan fre nou yo fe yon bagay ki mal, nou apwoche yo avek respe e avek douse pou nou korije yo (Galat 6:1)

  • Se pa sa fre nou fe-a pou nap gade, men se moun nan pou nou gade pou nou ka ede li.

  • Nou dwe enkouraje yon lot pou li ki fe miyo, pou nou tout ka rankontre nan syel.


Eske ou soumet tet ou konpletman a Bondye pou ou ka resevwa lape Li-a?

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