A Leader's Farewell

(A quick note to go with the weekly passage. Please read the passage first.)

Joshua had been the leader of the Israelites fo 20+ years after the death of Moses. In Joshua 23, Joshua knew that he was getting old, so he wanted to make sure that his people remembered some important things before he died. So he assembled all the leaders and head of families to give a farewell speech.

Joshua knew that when a leader leaves, the people may forget everything that God had asked of them. Here are some of the main points that he makes concerning the relationship between Israel and God. These reminders apply to us still.

- Do whatever you can to always follow the law and will of God, without missing one.

- Do not let those around you influence you in ways that go against God, or God will leave you.

- Hold fast to God only. He is the one who makes you strong and defends you.

- Love the Lord and respect His promise to you or else in His anger with you, you will lose all that He had promised you.

Remember these things in your everyday walk with God. God is a god of love, second chances and hope. Do not turn away from Him.

God bless you.

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