Doing God's Work

[In his message on Sunday, April 10, 2016, Pastor Chéry asked the congregation several key questions.]

Q - When God puts something on your heart, do you do it?

When God gives you something to do, there is no reason not to do it. He chose you, specifically, to do something for Him and you should remember that. And if you don't do it, yes He will give the task to someone else, but why would you pass up the opportunity to do something for your Creator?

Q - How many times have you neglected God's Work?

Reflect on how many times you knew what God required from you and yet you decided not to do it anyway. Instead of working on doing what He asks, you make excuses for why you were unable to do it.

Q - Is wanting to serve God the desire of your heart?

As a growing Christian, this is important. Until you let God's will for you become the desire of your heart, you will always be fighting Him for control of your life.

Q - Does doing God's Work have to be something big?

You don't have to be a pastor, deacon, Sunday School teacher, missionary, evangelist, church cleaner, worship leader or musician to be doing God's Work. All of those things are part of it, but God calls everyone to do different things: many parts to one body. Whether you have a calling that is on that list or not, the main thing is to keep your heart open to what God gives you to do.

God called you apart for a reason. Whatever reason that may be, do His Work with your whole heart.

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